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Philosophy in Schools
Ny essaysamling om filosofi i skolen
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Subject: Philosophy in Schools
Boken er utgitt av Dr Michael Hand (University of London, UK) og Dr Carrie Winstanley (Roehampton University, UK). Philosophy in Schools består av en samling individuelle essays, som ut fra hver sine perspektiver argumenterer for inkludering av filosofi i skolens læreplaner. Fellesnevneren for bidragene er ønsket om å ta hull på myten om at filosofi er vanskelig eller abstrakt for barn. Bidrag fra bl.a. Gareth Matthews, Robert Fisher, Karen Murris og Stephen Law.

Key themes addressed include:

  • the role of philosophy in teaching controversial issues
  • the epistemological basis of critical thinking
  • the practice of conceptual analysis
  • philosophical thinking in moral and religious education
  • the idea of philosophical intelligence
  • philosophical themes in childrenís literature
  • philosophy and the adolescentís search for meaning
  • the connection between philosophy and wisdom 


Foreword - A. C. Grayling
Introduction - Michael Hand and Carrie Winstanley

Part I: Meeting the Objections to Philosophy in Schools

1. Can Children be Taught Philosophy? - Michael Hand
2. Philosophy and Moral Education - Richard Pring
3. Getting beyond the Deficit Conception of Childhood: Thinking Philosophically with Children - Gareth B. Matthews
4. Religion and Philosophy in Schools? - Stephen Law

Part II: Making the Case for Philosophy in Schools

5. The Role of Philosophical Thinking in Teaching Controversial Issues - Harry Brighouse
6. Why Teach Epistemology in Schools? - Harvey Siegel
7. Philosophy and the Development of Critical Thinking - Carrie Winstanley
8. Philosophical Intelligence: Why Philosophical Dialogue is Important in Educating the Mind - Robert Fisher
9. Autonomous and Authentic Thinking Through Philosophy with Picturebooks - Karin Murris
10. Philosophy in Children's Literature - Lynn Glueck and Harry Brighouse
11. Philosophy in the Secondary School - a Deweyan Perspective - Judith Suissa
12. Philosophy, Wisdom and Reading Great Books - James C. Conroy

Bibliography Index


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