Øyvind Olsholt til TEDxTransmedia

Etter å ha holdt en keynote speech på en EBU-konferanse (European Broadcasting UnionDen europeiske kringskastingsunionen) i København våren 2012, ble Øyvind Olsholt fra BUF invitert til å holde en såkalt «TED-talk» på et annet EBU-arrangement samme år i Roma (se under). TED er en ideell, verdensomspennende organisasjon som har gjort det til sitt varemerke å publisere eksepsjonelle taler/foredrag/presentasjoner på Internett. Et kjennemerke for alle TED-foredrag er at de ikke varer mer enn 18 minutter.

Tittelen på TEDx-arrangementet i Roma er «WEkids – dreamers, geeks, mindshifters» og rammen er nye ideer og innovasjon innen alle former for media. Det finnes mange typer «TEDx»-arrangementer, x-en markerer en undergruppe av hoved-TED, og her er dreier det seg altså om «transmedia».

Her er Øyvind Olsholts innlegg i Roma:

Hannah Wood, en av organisatorene på konferansen, skrev følgende glimrende presentasjon av Øyvinds innlegg (det spørs om ikke presentasjonen hennes var vel så bra som selve innlegget):

Norwegian kids' philosopher, Øyvind Olsholt, was next with a thought-provoking talk entitled 'Rethinking Entertainment – Philosophy As Evocative Fun.' Øyvind took a swipe at some of the values he perceives underpinning contemporary purposes of entertainment: "propaganda," "commercial success" and "escapism." He asked that we take a "closer look at our priorities" and not settle for a "lazy" motto of: "if it turns me on, it's good, if it doesn't, it's bad." Instead, he invoked the "ancient erotic" of a quest for 'truth' and 'wisdom' at the heart of philosophical practice as a way to 'rethink entertainment.' Using examples from philosophy classes he's run for kids, Øyvind argued for philosophy as "evocative fun," as something which challenges our emotions and our intellects, and provides a form of entertainment that 'forces' us into a state of self-consciousness. He claimed that this approach could be a way to recalibrate entertainment of the future.

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TEDxTransmedia 2012

MAXXI - museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
Start: Thursday, Sep 27 2012 4:00 PM
End: Friday, Sep 28 2012 7:00 PM

Dear colleagues and friends,

If you have not already registered for TEDxTransmedia 2012, here is the link to fill in the online form.

The conference (11:00 - 19:00) will be anticipated by a visit and performance at MAXXI museum (16:00 – 19:00)  Opening cocktail and dinner to follow.

This year's theme: WEkids: Dreamers, Geeks and Mindshifters will present remarkable speakers to share ideas, best practices, and failures that will inspire and nurture experimentation and innovation in media:

Scriptwriter, story designer and narrative paramedic Rhianna Pratchett is most well-known for being a 14-year veteran of the video-games industry… Robert Tercek is one of the world's most prolific creators of interactive content. In is 25-year careeer has created entertainment experiences on every digital platform… Peter Espersen is the online Community Lead for the LEGO Group He spearheads online com-unity and social media to engage teen and adult fans of LEGO…
Alison Norrington is a creative producer, consultant and edu-cator in transmedia storytelling. She is a PhD researcher and has 15 years of play-writing experience… Andrew Shea is a graphic designer, writer and educator. As the Design Director at New York Academy of Art. Shea’s new book, Designing for Social Change… Derrick de Kerckhove worked with Marshall McLuhan for more than ten years as translator, assistant and co-author. He is widely hailed as the heir to McLuhan's intellectual legacy…
Rosalía Lloret is Chief Digital Officer at PRISA News (publisher of El País, AS, Cinco Días and leading magazines such as Cinemania and Rolling Stone)… From being filmmaker, television creator/pro-ducer and media/ brand strategist, Josh Shore has evolved into a transmedia pro-ducer and catalyst of socially transformative communities… Maurice Wheeler has more than 15 years of digital marketing experi-ence starting out in the classic agency environ-ment of Leo Burnett before moving into the more digitally focused world …
Saku Tuominen is founder and creative director of Idealist Group, a Finnish production company of ideas. He is one of the leading consul-tants of creativity in Finland and abroad… Ana Serrano is the founding Director of CFC Media Lab, the world-renowned and award-winning institute for interactive story-telling created in 1997 at the Canadian Film Centre… After a 17-year career in the USA,  Poonacha Machaiah  returned to India to start  ‘ABOVE – A Bunch Of Versatile Entrepreneurs.’ He set-up operations in Banga-lore, Singapore and Qatar …
Øyvind Olsholt is a Norwegian 'kids' philosopher.' He has worked in the field of philosophy for children since 1997. In 2000, he co-founded Children and Youth Philosophers … TEDxTransmedia
WEkids: Dreamers, geeks, Mindshifters

Three sessions with the usual TED imprinting for quality and multidiscipline insights to awaken the unconscious energy of the inner child and use the fresh insights of a younger generation to re-think entertainment and public service broadcasting. 3 young speakers will be on stage to shaken the audience!

Hope to see you in Rome next month.

Nicoletta Iacobacci – iacobacci@ebu.ch
Head of Strategy, Media Dpt
European Broadcasting Union

TEDxTransmedia curator
Nicoletta Iacobacci  -  iacobacci@ebu.ch
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